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  • Increasing awareness of sensory needs to inform teaching practices 

    Brooks, Megan (2020-05)
    This professional development study examines the teaching practices of the researcher and how sensory-based strategies can be integrated with classroom instruction to support all learners. Instructional practices of the ...
  • Kindergarten readers theater 

    Loden, Kasey (2020-07)
    This research focused on how the use of Readers Theater would impact students' reading fluency and sight word knowledge. The problem addressed in this action research study was that students were failing to meet their ...
  • Developmental trauma 

    McCarron, Julia (2020-05)
    Trauma is faced by people every single day and can impede many different implications for the sufferer making each experience very much an individual reaction. Trauma experienced during childhood is considered to have ...
  • Project P.I.N.K.: A case study of a school-based intervention program for middle school girls 

    Snell, Christina (2020-06)
    Maintaining positive self-esteem and self-image, especially in adolescent girls, has grown to be a significant issue that has caught the attention of school district leaders. However, related school-based programs that ...
  • Impact of gestures and simple signing on instructional interruptions 

    Constantinides Jenkins, Elizabeth Caroline (2020-05)
    Addressing distracting or non-compliant student behavior can be disruptive to an overall lesson and classroom. If a teacher is constantly managing student behavior rather than teaching, students may fall behind in curriculum ...

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