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  • Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: Coming to Deeper Understandings and Better Interventions 

    Radcliffe, Jennifer (2016-10)
    Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: Coming to Deeper Understandings and Better Interventions” is a manuscript thesis that explores many aspects of anxiety. Such aspects include: a literature review of Cognitive Behavioural ...
  • Communication Skills in Mathematics Discourse 

    Fernandez, Robert (2016)
    According to Catherine A. Stein of the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics (NCTM) mathematical discourse is the way students represent, think, talk, question, agree, and disagree in the classroom (National Council ...
  • Meeting the Needs of EBD Students 

    Briscoe, Kiana (2016)
    Students diagnosed with an emotional and behavioral disability (EBD) struggle in school, academically and behaviorally. On average, students with EBD perform 1–2 grade levels behind their peers while in elementary school ...
  • Co-Teaching: Communication and Collaboration 

    Walker, Brigitta (2016)
    Communication and collaboration between general education and special education teachers are challenging. Research shows that co-teaching benefits students with disabilities as well as students without disabilities (Scruggs, ...
  • Supporting Student Success with Intuitive, Approachable Data Visualization 

    Ryan, Lindy; Snow, Nathan (CreateSpace, 2016)
    New discoveries surrounding the mechanisms and function of human visual acuity have come with increasing rapidity, each clarifying the astounding pattern recognition, image retention, and processing speed of the human ...

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