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  • Exploring the Relationship between Trauma and Rheumatoid Arthritis 

    Smith, Clare (2018-03-29)
    Previous research indicates that there is a relationship between trauma and development of chronc pain. Using the process of autoethnography, where the researcher is using their own experiences as the research material, ...
  • Supporting Student Learning with the Framework for Information Literacy 

    Mara, Mary (2018-03-21)
    How can faculty help increase students’ critical consumption of information in order to ground their learning in trusted and relevant resources for their discipline? In 2004, leveraging the ACRL Information Literacy ...
  • Dropout in Group Therapy: Causes and Prevention Strategies 

    Batch, Ashley (2018-03-23)
    This paper explores dropout rates in mental health groups and how counsellors can retain participants. It examines the implications for both professionals and clients when entering into group therapy. Group therapy provides ...
  • Social Responses Towards Sexualized Violence 

    LeClaire, Karlie (2018-05-01)
    The focus of this study is based on the prevalence of rape culture that exists in North American society. The messages surrounding rape culture continue to impact the psychological wellbeing of sexual assault survivors. ...
  • Summary Report on Information Literacy Meetings for Senior Faculty 

    Fenster, Linda (2005-02)
    Document summarizes the outcomes of several City University faculty meetings related to Information literacy as well as providing a summary of themes from the evaluations done by attendees of the meetings.

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