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  • The "good enough" thesis 

    Caplan, Hart (2020-04-01)
    In the early 1950s, the British Psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott coined the phrase “good enough mother” in an effort to describe the fundamentally productive middle ground between bad mothering and the will towards perfect ...
  • Nourishingself for teens: A proposed framework for an eating disorder prevention group 

    Katinic, Josipa (2020-03)
    The development of an Eating Disorder is a process that leaves many professionals, family members, friends, and sufferers perplexed. Typically emerging in late adolescence, Eating Disorders appear to stem from a multitude ...
  • Are student support plans in middle schools effective in addressing social/emotional needs in young adolescents? 

    Thandi, Devinder (2020-03)
    The purpose of this paper is to look at whether current student support plans in British Columbia middle schools are addressing the social/emotional needs of students. Adequate funding, teacher training, and social emotional ...
  • Compassion fatigue in schools 

    Worth, Tara (2020-03)
    Educators and school staff working with high-needs students who have experienced adversity and/or trauma have additional stressors inherent with this particular group. As a result of the relational nature of working with ...
  • Reducing student frustration through math instruction 

    Clark, Donella (2020-03-24)
    Frustration in the classroom during math instruction can result over time in the onset of math anxiety. This professional research study looked at instructional practices that can reduce student frustration within a general ...

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