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    • The Healing Properties of Nature and Animals 

      Bains, Ravmeet (2015-08)
      The following piece is intended to enlighten readers on alternative healing modalities as a substitute for traditional therapeutic interventions. The study reviews wide-ranging literature on ecotherapy and animal-assisted ...
    • Mending the Human-Nature Relationship Through Therapy 

      Naoufal, Ana Claudia (2016-12)
      In the last few decades, there has been an increase in literature and research on the importance of nature in psychotherapy due to the realization of its crucial role in human development and well-being. This thesis discusses ...
    • Re-Storying My Experiences of Grief: An Autoethnography 

      Hoshino, Karen (2016-11-30)
      Grief is often misunderstood and feared in Western society, leading to the disenfranchisement, isolation, and marginalisation of the bereaved, their families, and communities. In this thesis, I use the autoethnographic ...