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  • Old brains in a new world: A manuscript thesis 

    Payne, Ryan (2020-07-13)
    The human brain and nervous system have both adapted in direct response to the specific environmental pressures that existed tens of thousands of years ago. More recently (approximately the past 200 hundred years) societal ...
  • Home learning activities' impact on parent engagement in kindergarten math 

    Godwin, Ashlee (2020)
    The ways families engage with student learning vary, from volunteer opportunities, to fundraising, to home-based learning opportunities. Studies showed that take home learning can facilitate family involvement. The purpose ...
  • Homework differentiation and kindergarten reading fluency 

    Dederer, Jaime (2020-07)
    The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact that differentiated homework has on Kindergarten reading fluency. This study divided 20 kindergarteners into reading level groups: low, middle, and high based on sight ...
  • Increasing awareness of sensory needs to inform teaching practices 

    Brooks, Megan (2020-05)
    This professional development study examines the teaching practices of the researcher and how sensory-based strategies can be integrated with classroom instruction to support all learners. Instructional practices of the ...
  • Kindergarten readers theater 

    Loden, Kasey (2020-07)
    This research focused on how the use of Readers Theater would impact students' reading fluency and sight word knowledge. The problem addressed in this action research study was that students were failing to meet their ...

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